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foundation repair Bloomington IL

Welcome to Bloomington Foundation Repair & Waterproofing, the experts in foundation repairs and waterproofing for all buildings whether single homes, residential complexes, or commercial properties in the Bloomington, Illinois area.

About Us

We are the professional foundation contractors you have been looking for if you live in or near Bloomington, Illinois. Why? Because we’ve learned our trade over the years by following the latest developments in the industry at the same time as backing the tried and trusted techniques that work with the local Illinois ground soil and bedrock conditions. When we say we really dig foundations we mean it. From the bottom up we understand why buildings shift, leave the level, or need that extra bit of help or updating if they are going to be properly supported and fit for purpose. Since so many of the problems with foundations come from groundwater or drying we are also experts in waterproofing both to avoid damp and to ensure structural integrity for your property. So you, and your property can count on us to steady those structures now and forever. If you need basement repairs, foundation repairs, crawlspace repair, or concrete leveling, call us today.

foundation repair Bloomington Illinois

Our Services

We could just say we repair foundations but even that simple phrase involves a world of different skills and services. There is no one reason why foundations need a helping hand. There could have been poor installation or engineering miscalculation when the original foundations were planned and laid. Plus circumstances change with shifting water levels causing soil to shrink, compaction causing foundations to drop, or the building being extended or its load bearing extended beyond the original concept. Then there are the emergencies where flooding has caused water damage or subsidence tips buildings off the level. And the less urgent emergencies where damp is causing mold or mildew to spread through the property. For each and every one of those problems we are the solution.

Bloomington foundation repair

Insulation with waterproof membrane insulation stucco for house foundation construction.


Foundations should be the rock your building rests on and counts on for stability and durability but time has a knack of throwing up surprises. We deal with those surprises by modernising, repairing, or upgrading your existing foundations, whatever type they may be, in order to take into account the subsequent forces that are causing legacy foundations to fail.

old house foundation wall repair, renovation with installing metal sheets on metal frame for waterproofing and protect from wetness.

Bloomington Basement Crack Repair

There are a dozen reasons why cracks appear in basement walls ranging from the harmless (drying, settling) to the more sinister (subsidence, soil shifting). Our foundation technicians can analyze and identify the causes of your cracking and deal with the underlying causes as well as taking care of the visible crack damage itself. We take cracks seriously because of their potential implications so when you call in our contractors you know that the one thing we aren’t going to do is paper over them. If you need basement repairs, call us today.

construction techniques for waterproofing basement and foundations. Insulation material on the basement concrete wall.

Bloomington Basement Waterproofing

Damp in basements is not something you should ever accept or put up with. IT doesn’t have to be evident flooding to be something serious. Even low levels of damp can lead to mold and mildew and may well be symptoms of more serious underlying problems that could be affecting the foundations your home rests on. We look for the causes of damp as well as the symptoms and deal with both in a professional and permanent way to ensure the structural security of your property as much as its appearance.

an open concrete foundation

Crawl Spaces

Crawl spaces have their champions and their critics but if your building has a crawl space then the good news is that whatever the issues with it the fact that it is a crawl space means we can get access to it and deal with it (even if it means our technicians spend all day on their bellies).  We can encapsulate crawl spaces and lay heavy duty waterproof membranes to avoid the damp problems that often plague them or we can fully enclose them and incorporate the ventilation systems required to keep them dry and structurally sound.

basement waterproofing Bloomington

Bloomington Commercial Concrete Leveling

Commercial buildings require specialists because of their heavier footfall, frequent changes of purpose, and the need to keep open and working as much as possible in order to keep the cash flow on the positive side. Which is why commercial landlords call on us to stabilise their property with the latest in fully supportive helical pier and pile upgrades while minimising disruption to their business and working in close collaboration with other construction contractors on jobs.

crawlspace repair Bloomington, IL


Your house is your home and that means there’s so much resting on that beyond the weight of the walls, floors and ceilings. If that starts to slip off the level it’s deeply disturbing on many levels.  So the good news is that we have dealt with all kinds of house levelling ranging from partial soil shrinkage that causes floor dipping to compaction issues that tilt walls and even entire houses starting to slip downhill. We can correct them all with any one of a variety of tricks we have up our sleeves including polyurethane foam injection, hydraulic leveling, steel piles, anchors, and piers.  Call on our skilled professionals and we’ll have your house back on the straight and level in no time.

Areas We Served

Armington, Arrowsmith, Atlanta, Barnes, Bloomington, Carlock, Chenoa, Congerville, Cooksville, Danvers, Deer Creek, Dewitt, Downs, El Paso, Ellsworth, Eureka, Farmer City, Goodfield, Gridley, Heyworth, Hudson, Lawndale, Le Roy, Lexington, Mackinaw, McLean, Merna, Minier, Normal, Secor, Shamrock, Shirley, Stanford, Towanda, Twin Grove, Wapella, Waynesville, De Witt County, Logan County, McLean County, Tazewell County, Woodford County, De Witt, Logan, McLean, Tazewell, Woodford


It doesn’t matter if it’s just an enduring smell of damp in the basement, or a clearly cracking wall - anything that hints at shifting of your foundations is something that needs to be dealt with swiftly and professionally. That’s why the foundation repair pros you are looking for are the team at Bloomington Foundation Repair and why you should call us right this minute even if it is just to put your mind to rest. So phone us on this number, or use the email form on this site to send us your questions.  When it comes to something as fundamental as foundations you just can’t be too careful.

“It started with the windows sticking and then a door jamming in the frame. We weren’t too bothered but a neighbor told us about subsidence in the street so we called in Bloomington Foundation Repair & Waterproofing who quickly established that the foundations down one side of our house were sinking.  To our great relief they also just as quickly sorted it out for us.  Very happy we called. - Sandy T.


“We lived with the damp in the basement for quite some time before calling in Bloomington Foundation Repair & Waterproofing. They put our mind to rest about it not being the sign of something more serious, waterproofed and ventilated it, and now we use it as a den/office.” -  Sophie D.


“Bloomington Foundation Repair & Waterproofing did a solid job adding extra piers to our existing foundations.” -  Theo J.