Bloomington Foundation Repair

Concrete foundation failure is serious business since even gentle deterioration of the foundations your entire property is built on will cause structural damage and threaten the security of the building. The good news is that there are a number of ways of repairing the foundations without having to rip everything out or knock everything down but whatever the technique it is a general truth that the earlier we can get to work the less the damage to the standing structure. Early signs of foundation damage or movement include doors separating from their frames or not shutting, bricks cracking, and indoor moldings coming free.  Cracked or uneven floors are another sign and if any walls show signs of rotating then it’s definitely time to call our team of foundation pros to the rescue. Remember that all it takes is for the soil on one side of a wall or building to be more moist than on the other and there will be invisible but powerful forces applied to the foundations as soil shrinks or swells accordingly.

Concrete Piers

Before the hydraulic driven steel pier made its appearance poured concrete piers were the commonest foundation. Concrete foundation repairs are as tough as you’d expect, being concrete, but can prove expensive because of the need for drill rigs and the amount of dirt that our contractors have to excavate in order to be sure to repair those piers properly.

Steel Piers

Steel piers were a game changer when they were introduced and involve far less old-fashioned brute digging and pouring than their concrete ancestors. 3D computer modelling means that the insertion of steel piers to reinforce those foundations is now close to a surgical science. Talk to us about the advantages of steel over concrete for traditional foundation repair jobs - it’s not as simple as old versus new and in different circumstances each has their pros and cons so we are happy to talk it through with you.

High Density Polyurethane Foam

While HDPF has become a bit of a wonder child of the foundation repair business there are some situations it should not be used for - notably where HVAC ducts run in the foundations and there is a risk of clogging. However where the coast is clear for HDPF it provides a cheap and fast way of repairing foundations as it is simply injected in a grid pattern in the area where legacy foundations are failing.

Spot Piers

Not all foundation problems require full scope repair. Sometimes the problem is specific to a small section, especially where localised water damage is involved. In which case there is little point in paying out for a whole new steel pier system to stabilize an already solid structure. So we can do spot pier work instead, shallow piers dug exactly where there is a need for that little extra support and filled with poured concrete.  Let our foundation repair specialists assess precisely what type of foundation repair your property needs. The solution may not be as drastic as you think.

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