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If you’re in or near Bloomington, Illinois and you have issues with damp, mold, mildews or damp smelling air in your basement then you may have issues with your foundations. Unsurprisingly since foundations literally underpin every part of your building it is often the foundations that are the starting point when looking for the cause for walls bowing, concrete slabs cracking, windows sticking in their frames, doors that no longer hang properly, or damp. The starting point for correcting any and all of these is to contact us at Bloomington Foundation Repair & Waterproofing where we have the answers to all your foundation problems. We install, repair, or upgrade piles, piers, slabs, foam injection corrections, anchors, and correct imbalances with hydraulic lifting. We waterproof with encapsulation, sprays, and heavy duty waterproof membranes. We do it all. But we can’t do it if you don’t get in touch and explain your concerns about your property. The sooner you get in touch the easier the job will be so it is in both our interests if you contact us promptly. So call us now on this number or if you have a question to ask then go right ahead and send us an email using the form provided. We haven’t met yet, we don’t know you, and yet we know the buildings around Bloomington well enough to be confident that for homes, residential complexes or commercial property we genuinely do have the answers to your foundation questions. Call us today and let’s talk.

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