Bloomington House Leveling

Your house is more than your home - it’s your bedrock, that solid thing that anchors you and your family to a point in time and space, it’s your safe place, your comfort zone, your happy spot. Which makes it all the more alarming if it drifts off the straight and level and starts to show signs of subsidence or slipping. We agree, it’s always alarming if a house leaves the level but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a disaster. There are plenty of reasons why houses might need leveling but there are also plenty of ways in which our skilled foundation repair contractors can spot the problem and counter it with engineering brilliance that sorts it out for ever. So talk to us today about the irregularities, or the growing grade of your home and we’ll explain just what we can do to put it right and set you, your family, and your property back on an even keel.

Localized House Leveling

House leveling doesn’t have to mean correcting the alignment of the whole building - there are localized spot problems that can cause sagging of floors or a single wall to start to drop. Typically related to subsoil water movement or soil drying rather than general compaction the approach here is to address the problem as well as providing the answer to the building movement. We have a number of options here, including effectively injecting polyurethane foam under the affected flooring, or using hydraulic lifting to raise flooring or lift a wall with piles or piers inserted to give long term strength.


Sometimes a house slipping from the level is more than local soil compaction or drying out. It’s not unusual for homes built on a grade to start to slip downhill one of the first signs of which is that they tip in the direction of the grade. We would normally use piering as the technique to correct that and we have more than one piering technique we can employ. Whether the best choice happens to be helical piers or resistance piers the overall effect is the same with foundation piers arresting that slip and tilt and getting a new grip on firmer soil or bedrock to give the whole structure long term stability.

Bowing or Leaning Walls

Sometimes it’s not the floor that’s out of whack but the walls. The underlying cause is probably hydrostatic pressure or soil movement but the thing you’re looking at is the wall shape or alignment. The first clues tend to be doors jamming, or window surrounds cracking but in any case, once we’ve taken a look at the exact cause we can use a variety of techniques including plate anchors to bolster your foundations and their vertical support.

Sooner the Better

It’s your house which means it’s more than property; it’s your home. It’s probably the biggest single investment you’ve made in your life and it puts the roof over your and your family so don’t put off calling for help if it’s under threat and don’t trust the job to amateurs or fly by nighters. We are the foundation repair professionals you need to talk to so get in touch now if your house looks like it’s even thinking of getting a lean on.

If you need house leveling or commercial concrete leveling in Bloomington, call us today.

old house rests on 65 foot long steel girders as a new concrete basement and foundation is being constructed.
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